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New York Oxycontin

One prescription drug that is often an abused and can result in criminal charges for illegal possession is Oxycontin. This drug is prescribed to relieve moderate and heavy pain, and is highly addictive. Due to its addictive nature, many patients resort to illegal means to obtain the drug when their legal prescription runs out. If you are arrested and charged with a crime involving Oxycontin, contact our New York Oxycontin Lawyer staff at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC. Our team of criminal defense attorneys can help you fight the charges.

Some charges associated with illegal Oxycontin use include:

  • Illegal Oxycontin possession
  • Oxycontin distribution, Oxycontin trafficking, or drug selling
  • Prescription fraud
  • Theft of prescription pads and tablets

If you are facing one of these charges, our experienced New York Oxycontin Lawyer team will aggressively defend your legal rights. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the least severe punishment for the crimes associated with this addictive medication.

Widely used, Oxycontin is a narcotic pain reliever that is used to treat pain associated with disabling injuries and diseases like cancer, spinal injuries, back pain, head injuries and advanced arthritis. The drug has serious side effects and risks, including dependence, withdrawal symptoms, possibility of overdose and even death. Although the drug can provide a temporary sense of euphoria, its serious side effects can result in devastating consequences. If you are experiencing these side effects, our New York Oxycontin Possession Lawyer staff may be able to help you. Contact our offices to schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation. Oxycodone addiction can result in other crimes. These crimes can include driving under the influence (DWI), prostitution, burglary, assault and fraud. In some cases, our Criminal defense Lawyers may be able to help you avoid a prison sentence by requesting court-ordered rehabilitation and mandatory drug testing. Contact our New York Oxycontin Lawyer team to discuss your options.

Due to the drug’s popularity and addictive tendencies, it is become popular in drug trade. As a result, New York and federal law enforcement agencies have been working to cut down on this prescription drug abuse and even in a few cases, this means people with a valid prescription can be arrested. If you have been arrested and have a prescription for Oxycodone, our New York Oxycontin Lawyer can help you get the charges dropped and your record expunged.

If you are arrested and charged of illegal possession of Oxycontin, distribution of the drug, possession of Oxycontin with the intent to distribute or Oxycontin selling, our New York Oxycontin Lawyer team can help you fight the charges. The conviction of a drug crime associated with Oxycontin can negatively impact a person’s career, family and reputation.

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