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Long Island Drug Crime Lawyer

In the past few decades, the government, along with law enforcement, has cracked down on illegal drugs. Illegal drugs include marijuana, LSD, heroin, cocaine, Ecstasy, anabolic steroids and even prescription drugs. Our Long Island Drug Crime Lawyer team states New York law prohibits the use, sale and manufacture of these and other controlled substances, and if a person is found guilty of breaking any drug law, they may face substantial penalties and prison time.

Because of the harsh laws and punishments associated with drug crimes, a person who is arrested and accused of breaking these laws should take the matter seriously. Being convicted of a drug offense can result in life changing consequences, such as a permanent criminal record, the loss of assets, the inability to get a good job or even get a loan. Because of the nature of drug crime punishments, it's important that you discuss your drug case with our experienced Long Island Drug Crime Lawyer staff as soon as you can.

Drug Crimes and Definitions

There are many types of drug crimes, however, the most common violations around the country include: drug possession, drug possession with the intent to sell, drug trafficking and drug manufacturing.

Drug Possession means that a person is in possession of some quantity of an illegal drug or other controlled substance.

Drug Possession With Intent to Sell or Drug possession with Intent to Distribute means that a person is in possession of some quantity of illegal drugs or controlled substances and intends to sell those for profit.

Drug Trafficking means that a person has possession of illegal drugs and intends to transport them, smuggle them or sell them.

Drug Manufacturing means that a person is knowingly manufacturing illegal narcotics or controlled substances either for personal use or for sale.

Drug Cultivation – means that a person is illegally growing plants to be made into drugs, such as with the case of cannabis.

It's worth noting that most drug arrests are for crimes and in many instances felony offenses this means that a person found guilty of violating a drug law may face imprisonment, financial penalties and having a permanent criminal record. Because the punishments can be so harsh in drug-related crimes, it's important to have capable and experienced criminal defense to aid you throughout the legal process. At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC, our Long Island Drug Crime Lawyer staff will examine every detail of your case especially the nature of the evidence against you and how that evidence was obtained.

Drug Crime Punishments

Our Long Island Drug Crime Lawyer staff emphasizes that drug crimes are taken very seriously by law enforcement and the judicial system Iif a person is caught selling drugs either to or near minors, then the punishment will be more severe. It's also important to keep in mind that while state and federal drug laws do overlap, the courts are much different.

According to our Long Island Drug Crime Lawyer staff, drug possession for a misdemeanor can net a person up to one year in jail and a felony drug charge can land someone in prison for over a year.

Being charged with a drug crime is a very serious matter and if you or a loved one is ever arrested and accused of committing a drug crime, don't say anything to law enforcement until you've had a chance to speak to our criminal defense attorney. Contact our Long Island Drug Crime Lawyer team with Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC at 800.696.9529 for a free consultation. Contact one of our New York City offices serving Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx or Brooklyn, or in Westchester County or one of our Long Island offices in Nassau County or Suffolk County.