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New York Crack Possession

Possession of a controlled substance is a significant criminal offense. A drug crime conviction may stay on your criminal record as long as you are alive. With certain charges, such as crack possession, there may be a first offense prison sentence.

Crack is a solid, rock-like freebase form of powder cocaine, which has been combined with other chemicals. Crack cocaine use results in intense but short-lived high. Crack is typically smoked in a pipe and is very dangerous and extremely addictive. Crack cocaine is also known as rock, iron, hard, base, or simply crack. Crack is the most addictive form of cocaine.

Crack possession and distribution are among the most severe types of federal drug crime. The possession of crack in any amount may result in serious penalties. The distribution of crack and crack possession may result in significant fines and lengthy jail sentences.

The possession of crack with intent to distribute often carries a prison sentence. If you have been charged with crack possession, it is imperative that you contact our New York Crack Possession Lawyer team at Stephen Bilkis and Associates, PLLC as soon as possible to protect your rights. A crack possession charge requires a highly experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense team who understand drug laws and your legal rights.

Drug charges are some of the most serious and common criminal offenses. A drug charge can result in serious consequences, as in loss of driver license or a mandatory prison sentence. The New York Crack Possession Lawyer staff at Stephen Bilkis and Associates, PLLC is experienced in the defense of individuals charged with a drug offense, such as cocaine possession and distribution. Our New York Crack Possession Lawyer group will investigate the validity of search warrants and the justification for issuance, identify profiling techniques and improper search procedures and provide immediate counsel.

A drug charge can result in many life-altering consequences. A drug offense criminal record can inhibit the ability to find and retain a job, attend school or receive a scholarship. It can also eliminate the ability to join any branch of the military. A drug-related crime can also hinder the possibility of obtaining a United States citizenship and may even lead to deportation. Additional penalties can encompass probation, fines, rehabilitation and mandatory counseling. The significance of these consequences can seriously impact you and your family.

If you are dealing with an arrest related to crack possession, contact our New York Crack Possession Lawyer staff for a free consultation. Please call Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC at 800.696.9529 or contact one of our New York City offices serving Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx or Brooklyn, or in Westchester County or one of our Long Island offices in Nassau County or Suffolk County.